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 My name is Veronica and I am a transformational speaker. As a champion of change,  my mission is to debunk the myth of the "everywoman" empower women to speak up, stand out, and be supernaturally successful by providing the necessary tools to help them grow and bloom in their wellness, careers, and business. I serve the faithful who want to flourish, and the victorious who want to win.

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My Story

Veronica was born in Chicago but now reigns in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. She is an Alumni of the University of North Texas where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Kinesiology and served in public relations as an Eagle Ambassador. In her professional career Veronica has taught in the Health and Wellness industry for 15 years as a dance and fitness teacher, 7 years in Transportation as a flight attendant, 3 years in finance as a broker/ margins risk analyst, and 6 years as CEO of Path Studios which she founded to build confidence, self-awareness, and connection. In 2020, Veronica's life changed significantly during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Her business closed temporarily, she was laid-off from her 9-5, forced into a completely new career, and eventually began to experience various forms of stress-induced trauma including fear, worry, isolation, and burnout. She felt unseen, unheard, and unsupported. Then, she decided to become the change she wished to see. During this silent period Veronica worked to improve her spiritual, physical and emotional health. She connected with various cultivating environments that allowed her to evolve, discover her purpose, and amplify her voice. Then, she was called to speak , share her story, and transform lives! Veronica has been invited to speak on panels, podcasts, and lead workshops on topics such as: non-traditional approaches to mental health, holistic wellness, career/business development, networking, and empowerment. 


Watch how Veronica has used her voice to educate, heal, inspire, and transform lives.

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